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Adapting to the changes in the world around us, Meluha takes advantage of the flexibility and accessibility offered by the best of today’s technology. Combing age old wisdom with new age teaching tools. Meluha focuses on increasing retention and building an interactive classroom experience.


Meluha believes that every student is a unique entity with a unique pace and method of learning. It is, therefore, essential to incorporate various methods of inputs ranging from moving pictures to written words to ensure that students can find a teaching style that best suits their purpose.


Learning does not begin and end with the textbook. Learning is a process. A challenging process but a rewarding experience nevertheless and Meluha endeavours to stand by the students through this journey.



The missing link in the present curriculum is the efficient use of technology. Meluha could just change the way we learn from today.

Dr. T. Suresh Babu B.E,M.Tech, Ph.D
Principal, Visvodaya Engineering College

The gap between rural kids and urban kids in education is the concern that Meluha desires to resolve and successfully brought in a working product. Meluha brings the advantages digitalized education to the most rural areas of the country.

K. Raghunatha Reddy B.L,M.Sc, M.Phil
Assistant Commissioner, Commercial Tax

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